I help you become a deliberate creator of an intentional life you love.

Pleased to meet you,

founder of ‘The Intentional Kind’, a practice for life coaching, job coaching, trainings and yoga based in Berlin.

I work with change-seekers who feel discontent, empty, frustrated and stuck in their lives, helping them find clarity, consciousness and contentment and be a deliberate creator of an intentional life they love.

My personal motto is: Breathe. Connect. Create.

Coaching is a brilliant way to help people help themselves. Coaching brings people to a new level of understanding, individual breakthroughs, lasting change and healing.

I love people and by guiding them on how to truly connect with themselves, I get to see people shine from the inside out. It is magical!

I was initially trained as a systemic coach in 2014. The approach resonated with me straight away as I naturally have a lot of curiosity for people, beliefs, cultures and life concepts.

For years, I used my coaching skills in Human Resources in the corporate world. Unfortunately, it was rather difficult to fully immerse in a coaching journey with an employee while I was part of the Human Resources department. Now, I am self-employed to have the freedom of working with individuals holistically and on a deeper level.

Why did you found 'The Intentional Kind'?

My dream is to see people becoming aware of the automatic pilot default that inhabits their minds, and consciously shaping their life.

I want to inspire radical self-love and self-responsibility, reconnection with the inner self, close communion with nature, and a balance of body, mind and spirit. I believe this is key to creating a healthy and balanced planet Earth.

What does 'The Intentional Kind' mean?

When people are happy, fulfilled, balanced and living a life they intentionally create for themselves, they automatically love more, give more, connect more, dare more and inspire more. The more people can do so, the more Mother Earth and we all benefit. Collectively as a whole the human kind can turn into the intentional kind – once we consciously choose so.

What makes your work unique?

In my work, I merge Eastern and Western wisdom and make ancient Eastern knowledge easy digestible for the Western mind. 

My energy is grounding and uplifting, profound and playful at the same time. I address not only the mind, but also the body and spirit in order to grow and heal holistically.

I get creative and integrate elements from Yoga, meditation, traditional Thai massage and naturopathy as well as other paths of personal development. No two sessions are alike.

I am blessed with a huge amount of positive energy and an infectious laugh that I both love to share.

I am passionate about personal growth, learning, yoga, meditation and self-healing.  I am an explorer, nature lover and have always been drawn to the magic of the ocean and all its inhabitants.

I was in a role as a parental leave temp in a mid-sized company, when my supervisor offered me a permanent contract with better conditions. And my reaction…was dull. Shouldn’t I be excited? I thought to myself. Why I am not happy about a seemingly better contract? Isn’t that what everyone around me wants? Safety, certainty, good money, career leaps?

My indifferent reaction got me thinking and became a turning point in my life. I realized:

  • that I had started to work in Human Resources in order to work with people. But instead, I was constantly staring at a screen and replying to never-ending emails.
  • that my job didn’t give me any sense of purpose. It felt meaningless to me to use my energy for a profit-oriented company.
  • that my job is not in harmony with my personal values.
  • that I had never had a job where the place of work is not an office. Who had planted the belief in my brain that work has to take place in an office environment?

As a result, I decided to quit my job (oh, what a liberating feeling!), sell and donate my belongings, leave my apartment in Berlin and make a clean cut. I wanted to use my energy for something better than emails, I wanted to explore new life concepts and cultures, I wanted to fully follow my heart and intuition without the distracting noise of society.

Finally, I booked myself a one-way-ticket to Vietnam to volunteer as an English teacher. A long-term journey was born that lasted for 2,5 years. An adventure to South East Asia, South Asia and Oceania that became an inner journey with new inspiration around every corner on meditation, consciousness, Yoga, self-healing, spiritual development, sustainability and nutrition.

12 countries, 15 volunteer projects and 2 paid jobs later, I chose Berlin as a base to set up my own business and empower an intentional kind.

I am wholeheartedly committed to empower an intentional human kind for a better future on this planet.

What I believe in...

Nothing is forever. The law of impermanence helps us to let go of old life patterns, belief systems and false expectations.

We have the power to heal ourselves. It is a matter of self-love and self-responsibility.

Our body, mind and spirit are closely connected and require a holistic coaching approach.

Key in cultivating an intentional life is to surrender to the present moment.

Thoughts create form. We can deliberately use our powerful mind as a tool to create the life we want.

Everything in this universe consists of energy, including you and me.

my background

Don't try to be happy.
Try to be present
and happiness will follow.

Sonja Eilermann