Do you need to take a deep breath?

When the noises of our busy lives become too loud, take a time-out and go inward. I invite you to nurture your emotional, mental and physical health and reconnect with the help of yoga and meditation.

*** NEW ***

A little time out in  nature

Yoga For Campers

A pleasant camping holiday means peace and quiet, slowing down and connecting with nature. What could be better than enriching your camping experience with yoga in the open air?

This year, I am once again offering yoga for campers at the beautiful Buntspecht camping park in the heart of the Westhavelland Nature Park.

Stay tuned…

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My Approach Is...


You are invited to experience a rejuvenating balance of body, mind and spirit.


I invite you to deepen the connection with yourself and to improve your self-awareness.


Let’s take some time to indulge in nurturing self-care and return to a natural balance.

My Style Of Yoga

I teach Hatha Flow, Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga.

I completed my teacher training course in India where I was introduced to unique techniques for clearing emotional blockages and self-healing which are used in Indian Naturopathy.

Get in touch with me if you would like to benefit from private yoga lessons.

When your outer world is shaken, practice inner balance.

Sonja Eilermann

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