I am a systemic coach and trainer for holistic corporate health. I create learning and reflection spaces for the development of individual health competence in the workplace.

Key Areas

Healthy Self-leadership

Consciously take responsibility for one's own well-being and maintain a balanced approach to the challenges of working life

Resilience & Stress Competence

Develop the inner strength to cope with stressful work situations and to emerge strengthened from challenges

Dealing with Change

Respond flexibly to change, adapt to new professional circumstances and contribute constructively to change

Mental Health

Create a supportive environment that promotes the mental well-being of employees and positively influences their mental health

Relaxation & Mindfulness

Physical and mental serenity and attention to the present moment

Health begins with inner attitude

Employee health promotion trainings are essential,

  • to improve the well-being of employees,
  • reduce stress,
  • increase employee morale and
  • improve productivity in the long term.

By providing skills in stress management, self-reflection and healthy self-leadership, these trainings help to create a healthy attitude, a positive work environment and strengthen employee loyalty. They can also help prevent health problems, reduce absenteeism and ultimately optimise the overall performance of the team.