Business Yoga

Recharge your batteries, reduce stress, create success: Regular yoga classes as part of your (home) office routine

Why Business Yoga?

Reduce Stress

Business yoga brings traditional yoga techniques into the business context to promote employee well-being. Movement, breathing exercises and meditation help to reduce mental stress and lower cortisol levels.

Increase Productivity

Targeted yoga exercises activate the body and mind, leading to improved concentration and increased productivity. Integrating short yoga sessions into the daily work routine can help release energy and creativity.

Promote team spirirt

Business yoga can serve as a team-building activity and promote a positive work environment. Practising yoga together creates a bond between employees and helps to increase overall well-being in the office.

Establish company health promotion tax-free according to § 3 No. 34 EstG

Workplace health promotion in cooperation with ‘The Intentional Kind’

Section 3 No. 34 of the German Income Tax Act (EstG) allows companies to reduce financial burdens for workplace health promotion.

Companies can invest up to 600 € per year tax-free in the health of their employees. This tax exemption serves as an incentive for companies to promote employee health, and many companies are already taking advantage of this tax benefit.

Hi there,

I am Sonja, a certified yoga teacher with a passion for business yoga. My mission is to create a space of relaxation and empowerment in the workplace.

With my experience in yoga and my love for the business world, I design individual business yoga sessions that not only relieve stress but also foster creativity and strengthen team bonds.

Let’s create a time-out from the hectic workday together and recharge the energy for a successful day…

…directly at your desk, in the (online) conference room or as a yoga mat workout.

Sustainably strengthen the inner and outer posture

Trial lesson: 95 EURO

Weekly lesson: 130 EURO

Package prices: On request

The prices are valid for sessions with up to 10 participants.