Career Coaching

Are you looking for new career prospects?

I support you individually in finding the right career path for you and taking charge of your career.

I coach in English or German, online or face-to-face in Berlin.

Career Coaching Is About...

Competence Analysis

  • What professional skills do I have?
  • What are my strengths?
  • Where are my difficulties?
  • What qualifications do I have and what do I lack?

Social Skills

  • How do I affect others and how do others affect me?
  • Which behaviour should I change and how?
  • How do I behave in difficult situations?
  • How do I motivate myself?

Eliminating Blockages

  • What is preventing me from advancing professionally?
  • Why can’t I find a new job?
  • How do I shape my private and professional life positively?

Professional Goals

  • What job best fits me?
  • What tasks do I enjoy doing?
  • What talents do I have?

Application Practice

  • Evaluation of application activities
  • Creation and optimisation of application documents

Presentation & Networks

  • Simulation of job interviews
  • Optimisation of social media channels
  • Self-presentation
  • Networking

Career Coaching For Professionals

Take charge of your career
130 / 60 minutes
  • 1x FREE 30-minute discovery call
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Let’s go on a journey together to discover your personal motivations, needs, values and purpose, explore career options, define your career goals and create the change you want to see.