Group Coachings

Growing together, radiating individually

I want to collaborate with you! Join one of my group coachings and get a peer-to-peer inspiration boost. Learn, question, try out, interact, explore and have fun!

My group coachings are held in German or English.

My approach is...


I don’t want to overload you with information. Let’s explore ideas together, have fun and take with us what resonates.


I will share my positive energy with you and encourage your motivation throughout the process.


My group coachings comprise a mixed bag of information, discussion, self-reflection and team work that trigger new thoughts and perspectives.

Stay tuned for upcoming sessions in 2024!

At the moment, I am using my energy to help single mums return to the world of work in our current social situation. I cooperate with a renowned educational institution based in Berlin and act as a motivational trainer. I teach mainly self-responsibility, resilience, self-reflection, goal management, communication and application training.